Monday, September 20, 2010

A Photo A Day [Day 22]

Day 21

My mother-in-law dropped by for a visit. (Only kidding. You never know when she might discover my blog.)

Yeah, not the best photo. I had too much going on tonight to set something up but I happened to notice the pretty shadow cast when I moved a lamp into the living room for my book club meeting. I figure I have the rest of the week to do better. Wish me luck.

Participating in Positively Positive's A Photo A Day Project
This week's theme: "Shadows"


Bec said...

Ahahahahahahahahaha! I've had a heck of a day and this just made me smile :)


Ladii Aponte said...

lmao! MIL dropped by! lol mine would be a picture of a roach [cuz shes dirty.. lol let me stop before hubs gets mad!]

Sourkraut said...

I guess if I wind up getting in trouble for this it'll be some consolation that I amused you guys!