Monday, September 13, 2010

A Photo A Day [Day 15]

Day 15 - Cupcake Monday

Time for a new theme and this one seems custom tailored to me. Positively Positive has chosen "routine," which is what I'm all about. It's why this project appealed to me so much in the first place. My life is a but a series of routines repeated over and over again. I know what works for me and what makes me happy and keeps my life going, so I tend to repeat those actions. A lot. I guess everyone could say the same thing but I seem to take it to the extreme. Then I met my husband, who's even more stubborn and set in his ways! I'd never known anyone to get more thrown off by changes in routine than I so it's been an interesting experience combining our neuroses. I'm sure there's some sort of psychological disorder going on here but I'll leave that to you to ponder. Now on with the pictures!

My Monday routine usually involves this plain old nondescript paper bag accompanying me to work in the passenger seat. Not something you'd look twice at. Nothing remarkable about it, in fact, until you look inside. What's this I see? Cupcakes?! Now that's one way to brighten up a Monday!

Mondays have informally become Cupcake Mondays at the office. I'm a bit of a weekend warrior so I tend to do most of my baking and sewing on Saturdays and Sundays, which means I usually bring cupcake samples to work with me on Mondays for my co-workers to judge. Er, I mean enjoy. I pack them up the night before into individual containers so they're ready to go bright and early on Monday. The containers nestle perfectly into this little bag, which keeps them upright and intact with minimal jostling for the ride to work. It's such precious cargo that maybe I should buckle them in next time. I wouldn't let a child ride in my car without a seat belt so why do I allow my cupcakes to do so?

Oddly, even though I love the adoration I get here on my blog (keep it coming, please) and from online friends, I'm always embarrassed by praise in real life. That's not why I bring my cupcakes in to share. I'm really trying to get rid of a few so I don't eat the entire batch by myself and I want constructive criticism to see if a recipe's worth trying again. When my co-workers rave about my latest cupcakes I never really know what to say. I guess I can either learn to live with it or start making crappier cupcakes. Eggplant cupcakes with anchovy paste frosting, anyone?

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This week's theme: "Routine"


Ladii Aponte said...

again... Send me a sample ill review it on my Blog for ya lol... that opera cake cupcake sounds delish.....