Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Photo A Day [Day 21]

Day 21

Aah, Sunday. The day of the week I dread the most. Why? Because it's paperwork day. The day I catch up on that mountain of paperwork that seems to pile up every week and needs sorting: bills to pay, financial statements, coupons to clip, grocery store ads, new recipes to try, articles about those exotic places I want to visit, etc. This is what the weekly spread usually looks like. I'll break it all down for you so you can fully understand the depth of my weirdness.

Exhibit 1: All of the recipes I rip out from magazines or print off the internet get filed away by category in these six folders.

Exhibit 2: More folders for filing articles about travel, exercise, Christmas gift ideas, and future crafting/sewing projects.

Exhibit 3: Since I don't have time to properly sort everything during the week, anything I rip out of a magazine or print out gets thrown in this folder until I can file it away on Sunday. I also catalog my coupons and go through the weekly grocery store ads to plan my shopping and meals for the week.

Exhibit 4: I write down the name of every movie I want to see in this tiny notebook and cross them off once I've seen them. I try to update it on a regular basis as new movies are released.

Exhibit 5: Whenever I finish a book I record it in this notebook with the date I finished. I jot down a few thoughts on the book or something in life it's made me ponder. It's fun to go back and see what I was reading a year ago and what I was thinking about in life.

Exhibit 6: During the week I put any bills and important paperwork that comes in the mail into this portfolio so I can stay on top of paying those bills each Sunday.

Am I the only freak who does all of this?

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