Sunday, September 26, 2010

No-Sew Doily-Adorned Tank Top

Again looking for easy projects that don't require much energy until I can kick this darn cold! It took me almost three months but I finally assembled the necessary ingredients to make these cute doily tank tops I spotted at Subtle Tee back in July.

Picked up a package of two ribbed tank tops at Wal-Mart from the juniors section for only $7. Bonus points for their having colors that are actually desirable instead of the usual black and white (boring!) or neon colors stores seem to think work with the average person's skin tone. Found a bright white doily in their craft section for just over $1 and another more delicate beige one at Jo-Ann Fabrics for $0.60 with my coupon. Stopped back in a second time to use another coupon for a roll of Stitch Witchery bonding web and I was all set. Honestly, the most difficult part of this project was finding the right tank tops and doilies. Everything else was a piece of cake!

Simply press the doily in half, line up along the front of your tank top, and fuse in place with small strips of Stitch Witchery following the instructions on the package. I found I did have to iron the white doily longer than suggested because it was so thick, but after doubling the time and doing a few extra passes it stuck in place nicely. Added a small pink pearl button from my stash for a little extra flair on the purple-ish tank but decided to leave the other one plain because there was already enough going on with the stripes. Maybe now that I've got one success under my belt I'll be brave enough to attempt some of the more involved shirt refashions I've seen out there. This was a great beginner project and I'm pleased with my two new tank tops. Not that I needed any more.


the cape on the corner said...

cute! love the first one, that color makes the doily pop.

Bella said...

Very cute, I also like the first one, you can see the doily better, but you look so cute with both on, even sick and all. :) I am sick too, sucks right? I love that this is NO sew, I hate dragging out my ancient sewing machine, and the simpler the better chance that I actually do it. Thank YOU so much for joining me again, I totally am stoked to see you back!!! Bella :)

Kim said...

Now that's using your head. My girls wear these camis all the time under their other shirts, this would be so cute peeking out.

Lori@Paisley Passions said...

So cute! What a simplistic yet darling idea! Thanks SO much for joining in on Thrilling Thursdays @ Paisley Passions. I love to see the creative talent of other fellow bloggers. Hope you to see you again soon :)
~Lori S.
Thrilling Thursdays @Paisley Passions
PS- Would LOVE for you to add my Thrilling Thursday button to your other linky party buttons if you get a chance :)

Amy @ Chicy-Creations said...

LOVE this idea! I too love the purple and doily contrast. These are so cute, I'm going to have to start looking for the perfect tanks to doily up!