Saturday, September 4, 2010

Halloween Fabrics

I haven't mentioned my absolute favorite Halloween fabric here because I wanted to make sure I stocked up on enough before letting the masses know. Yes, all 52 of you followers. I'm sure you could single-handedly deplete the world's supply of Alexander Henry's "The Ghastlies" fabric. Now that I've seen it in person and have mine safely stashed away I can wholeheartedly recommend this amazing fabric:

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! It's slightly Edward Gorey-esque, which I love, and the sinister details like the cute little girl wielding a hammer really make it for me. I found a good deal on Etsy and bought yards and yards of the stuff with no idea yet how I'll use it. It's selling out online in certain stores but I found a pretty good selection and the best prices on Etsy so check it out there.

The rest of Alexander Henry's Halloween line is also enthralling and I picked up a few yards of these as well:

That last one reminds me of our dearly departed black cat who won't be with us to frighten people this Halloween. Although she wasn't that thin until she started wasting away from cancer. Ok, that was a little depressing but it's how I cope. At least she had a nice long life full of (often unwanted) love and delicious food, which was her only interest in life.

Because Halloween is my favorite holiday I'm letting myself splurge a bit and pick up creepy fabrics that come my way. Today I made some great finds at Jo-Ann Fabrics taking advantage of the extra 50% off red tag (clearance) fabric prices plus an extra 10% off coupon. I cleaned them out of most of their skull fabrics in the hopes of one day using them for bags and aprons to sell in an Etsy shop. Until then I'm sure I'll use a few yards of these bad boys for myself:

Only $1.35-$2.25/yard!

Happy Halloween hunting!


Anonymous said...

The Ghastlies and bat fabrics are amazing! Halloween is my favorite holiday too and I always end up splurging!

laylablue said...

the 1st fabric reminds me of the older Mystery! (pbs) intro... funky!
the tree fabric is cool, too. congrats.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

The top fabric is adorable. I love that it's Halloween without being too spooky.

Jami said...

I love this. I have a brother, who (like you) includes elements of Halloween all year long. I'll bet he'd love some pillow made from one of these.

I thought it was Ed Gorey at first. Love him!