Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Photo A Day [Day 10]

Day 10

Nope, it's not a giant pile of mutant spider eggs. This here is a pile of cannonballs. Not the most artistic photo but I figure it's interesting because not every town has one. That and my town doesn't have much else going for it. It's the little things that count, right?

One of the distinguishing features of our little hamlet is the historic battlefield turned park tucked away at the far end of town. There you can see an assortment of war memorials, weaponry, and savage squirrels. It seems our burg was quite the site during the Revolutionary War due to its proximity to Philadelphia and strategic location on the Delaware River. The park's actually a nice place even though it's too small to be useful as an exercise site for running or walking, but the view over the river toward Philadelphia is kind of nice. Assuming you can overlook the trash and swamp gases near the shore.

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This week's theme: "Around town"


Vic said...

I'm so far behind i don't think i can keep up! I soooo suck!:)