Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Photo A Day [Day 18]

"It is customary for my servants to feed me now."

This is what the cats' dinnertime looks like every night at our house. The plaintive looks are accompanied by pitiful meowing and attempts to woo us with their kitty cuteness. Sometimes it works and we cave in and feed them earlier than scheduled. Today I stayed strong and true to the routine. I won't let those critters ruin a photo op!

Participating in Positively Positive's A Photo A Day Project
This week's theme: "Routine"


Heather said...

They are so cute! My cat is so impatient too....and spoiled rotten, no big deal. Thank you so much for linking up to Fabulous Friday last week. I featured you this week so check it out. :)

posidanielle said...

Your cats are so cute!!!! I want a cat so bad but the hubs thinks that they are evil. What a weirdo. haha
well I guess sometimes they are like my sister's cat Gucci she is the devil reincarnated! she lures you in and then she pounces on you and bites you.