Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I had a great whirlwind trip back home for the weekend. Now I feel like I'll never catch up on the blog! I'll start with something easy: my photo a day uploads. I also have a new cupcake recipe to share and the big reveal of the clutch I made for my bag swap partner but that will have to wait until I'm no longer swamped by laundry and housework.

Issue 1: Please vote for me

While I was away voting opened up for this month's Cupcake Hero competition. If you adore me and everything I do please go vote for me. The poll is on the right hand side and my entry is "Sourkraut's Nutella Peanut Baklava Cupcakes."

Issue 2: Photo a day

I have four days to catch up on. Rest assured I kept my promise and took blurry pictures every day (this week's them was "blur") but didn't have internet access in order to post them. So here are Thursday through Sunday's pictures.

Day 53 - Night Driving

Day 54

I ostensibly drove 4.5 hours to Virginia to deliver cupcakes for my mom's French-themed book club meeting. Of course I was already feeling homesick so it didn't take much convincing. Everyone loved and raved about the cupcakes. The book? Not so much.

Day 55

Going back home means dragging my little brother out to play tennis every morning. I haven't found a suitable tennis partner here in NJ so he's forced to play every time I visit. Here he is in action beating that poor tennis ball into submission.

Day 56

On my way home from visiting my family. :( I miss them and the beautiful scenery of Virginia. The weekend went by in a blur.


Jami said...

I voted for you. Good luck!

Barbara said...

I voted for you and I asked all my FB friends to vote too! Sometimes they don't listen though! LOL