Friday, October 1, 2010

Countdown To Halloween

Thanks to Creepy Cupcakes I discovered Countdown To Halloween, a blog with lots of participants doing their level best to post something Halloween-themed every day in October. I definitely plan to check them all out since Halloween is my favorite holiday. I can't wait to see everyone's creativity as the month progresses. I'm hoping it's not too late for me to sign up and officially join in, but even if it is I'll make an effort to post Halloween-themed spookiness here for your enjoyment.

Today you get pictures of one of my cats "enjoying" the chicken hat Halloween costume I bought her in the post-Halloween sales. I don't typically dress up my cats because they seem to consider it a form of torture but I just couldn't resist this once. I'm not sure she'll ever forgive me for it.


the cape on the corner said...

oh man, that's awesome. i dressed my cat up last year, and i think she just gave in and was resolved to wearing the angel costume. we'll see how it goes this year!