Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sinister Ducks and A Photo A Day [Day 34]

Having lots of action-packed fun with my family visiting this weekend so this post will be brief. Combining both my countdown to Halloween and my photo a day projects here.

29 days 'til Halloween! Halloween's a season to be terrified and frightened by the most fearful creatures out there. And what's more frightening than ducks? Sinister ducks, no less. Always up to something...

Having my little brother visit means I get to play lots and lots of tennis. Have to make up for those months without a tennis partner around by playing as much as possible in the few days he's here. With my photo a day project I had an excuse to take a picture of his excessively attractive Prince O3 racquet.

Day 34

365 Project's theme this week: "Still Life."


Anonymous said...

As a rubber duck collector, I really appreciated this one. I'm sending this one off to my kids (grown, of course) so that someone can make me one of the nail Mohawk ones. I don't think I'm going to be able to buy that one.

Thanks for another great post. I always enjoy them.