Thursday, October 28, 2010

Britain's Scariest Building?

3 days 'til Halloween! Today we'll tie together my love of Halloween with my love for all things British.

No, Britain's scariest building is not wherever Tony Blair happens to be, which I'm sure would be my husband's suggestion. One of my favorite sources for British news, the Guardian, featured a story yesterday about the spooky-looking Royal Masonic School for Boys and touted it as being one of the scariest buildings in Britain. Now that the school is closed developers are turning it into luxury flats, which I'd love to buy if any of you want to give me that spare one million dollars you have lying around. Although the above photo has been heavily edited the place features some beautiful gothic architecture, evocative of specters and haunts and things going bump in the night.

For my photo of the day I bring you one of New Jersey's scariest buildings. Seems more or less normal from here:

Until you look more closely. That's when the creepiness sets in. (Click on the pics for larger versions.)

A Photo A Day [Day 60]

Why is the one in the middle staring right at me with such hatred? Why is she the only one looking in my direction? Why does this even exist? Why why why?!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That is seriously creepy! Who would do that?

Lina Thomlinson said...

I don't know and I'd be scared to find out! I didn't stick around long enough to see.

Anonymous said...

My mom collects dolls but she only has them all over the house- not looking out the window ;)

the cape on the corner said...

i swear i've seen this! or something like this! and being in PA, it isn't far fetched that i would have actually seen this. creepsters, all of them, and whoever is in charge of doing this. insane!

Danielle and Clint said...

LOL! This cracked me up! Sorry Jack. Chuckie's back!