Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Snooki Pumpkin - The Horror! The Horror!

12 days 'til Halloween. I am not ready. Don't have my decorations out and don't have enough candy for the kids. Let's not discuss the fact that my "costume" will consist of a pair of jeans and one of my many Halloween t-shirts. My lack of preparation this year is frightening me. It's just not like me to be like this!

I now present to you the most horrifying pumpkin you can expect to see all season:

That's right. You too can make your very own Snooki pumpkin thanks to The Swell Life. For those of you not in the know, Snooki is an unnaturally orange creature that haunts the streets of the Jersey Shore, leaving behind in her wake terror and puddles of booze-filled vomit. The pumpkin is a surprisingly accurate replica although the real Snooki is much more orange. But this is close enough.


Red Couch Recipes said...

Never heard of Snooky but I love your, what I would call a fortune telling pumpkin! Joni

Jami said...

What!!? I have never heard of Snooki. booze-filled vomit? eeeeww!

Alexa said...

Thanks for featuring my pumpkin!! Haha, I knew it would be a header turner when I made it. It's funny cause last week, I stopped by your blog via one of the linky parties and both me and my friend were saying how much we liked your sense of humor and how fun you were! So it's kinda a weird coincidence I came to your blog after being sent here through my stats page. OK, maybe not so weird :)