Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Cupcake Ideas & A Photo A Day [44]

Check out this list of 12 Halloween cupcakes that are so creative and fun that I wish I'd come up with them myself. As it is, even with the ideas right there in front of me I'd still struggle to find the skills to put some of those together. For added fun they've suggested horror movies appropriate to pair with each cupcake, including the obvious pairing of The Howling with these stunning werewolf cupcakes:

Every year I fully intend to make some spooky cupcakes for Halloween but it seems like this is always the time of year when I realize I've gained too much from the previous months of gluttony and decide to crack down and cut back on my baking. Not that this should stop me from making diabolical cupcakes the rest of the year.

Thanks to Riverfront Times for the list and pictures.

Today's photo is another self portrait, this one a little silly and sad. You see, we were hoping to adopt a certain dog ever since we spotted the little guy at the shelter last Thursday. We've had our application in pending approval and pretty much had our hearts set on him. Bad idea because we just found out someone else whose application had already been approved is adopting him tonight. Needless to say, I'm more than a little bummed. Not sure yet if we're going to keep looking and eventually adopt a different dog but we'll see. For now I'm feeling :(

A Photo A Day [Day 44]


Jami said...

I LOVE the aliens!!! But, it's funny how people react to stuff. After working with breastfeeding for so long, I can discuss bodily functions all day long without batting an eyelash, but those brains are over the top for me. I could not eat that. :)

Sorry about your doggy situation. That stinks!

Anonymous said...

Bahahaha!! Those alien cupcakes are amazing!!! Thanks for passing it along. :)

Unknown said...

Impressive idea <3