Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Photo A Day [Days 101 & 102]

Day 101

This is Punky, my first born. I found a poem online that perfectly captures her:

"My Cat is the cat of all cats
For she is like a beautiful Painting
She sleeps and awakes in the early morning
To demand her requests for the day.
My Cat is the cat of all cats
She is royal and dignified.
Poets and Writers have long been inspired
She is admired by all who encounter her
My Cat is the cat of all cats
And shall remain so, until the end of her nine lives."
-Kim Day

Day 102

Thawing out cranberries for a pie I plan to make in honor of National Pastry Day. Sure, it'll be a bit late since that's today but it's a great excuse to bake something unhealthy. I'm being patriotic or something. While some of these cranberries have seen better days at $0.25 per bag I'm not about to complain about a few shriveled berries.

This week's theme: up close


Baye said...

She's quite the regal-looking lady!

Cranberry don't get nearly enough use. I'm glad to see that you are using them.