Thursday, December 23, 2010

Season's Eatings!

I am going to risk alienating all of my followers by diverging sharply from the cheery, festive holiday posts out there on other, more respectable blogs. As cute as I find those more traditional holiday crafts and free printables you're all nicely offering, we all know that my heart truly lies with the scary, creepy, and morbid. Which is why I just had to share these spiffy zombie holiday printables out there for the 0.000001% of you out there like me.

We'll kick it off with something completely sacrilegious sure to horrify half of you: a zombie nativity scene. This is so offensive that the site originally hosting it took it down but clever little zombie lovers out there have mercifully preserved it for the rest of us. You can download the PDF here.

The rest of the downloads come from a site promoting the book Rise Again: A Zombie Thriller by Ben Tripp. You can find more fun downloads including alternate book covers, a zombie half mask, and iPhone wallpapers here. My favorites are the holiday ones including these holiday cards:

Mom always said that it's rude to not send Christmas cards out to the extended family.

They bill these are ornaments or gift tags but I'm seeing the makings of a Christmas garland here.

These gift tags make me sad that I've already wrapped and delivered most of my presents this year. I'll just have to print some out and save then with my Christmas goodies to use next year.

Of course, I wish I'd discovered all of this sooner so I would have had time to get everything cut out and up to decorate my home for the holidays in a way that truly suits me. Oh well, it's never too early to start planning for next Christmas. Assuming the zombie apocalypse doesn't occur and wipe us all out before then.