Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Huge Giveaway at Bella Before and After

If you're not already following Bella Before and After you really should. She's got tons of enthusiasm, great ideas on her blog, fun link parties, and is one of the sweetest bloggers I've ever come across. Can you believe she takes the time to check out and comment on all of the links in the parties she hosts? We're talking thoughtful, meaningful comments that show she actually read the post. In honor of reaching 100 followers she's got a big ol' giveaway going on her blog through Friday. I lost count of how many prizes there were around number five so we're not talking about just one or two dinky prizes. These are lovely, handmade gifts that you'd probably want to buy for yourself if you're not the lucky winner. So please go check her out, become a follower, and enter to win the fabulous prizes for yourself.



Bella said...

Thank you so much sweety, this is an awesome post about me, I'm blushing. You are so sweet, and I appreciate you so much, for supporting my parties, coming up with awesome crafts, and recipes, and being so original.

Love your new profile pic, and good luck with winning, I so wish I could enter, he he.

Bella :)