Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stocking Stuffer Idea

Photo from Sew Woodsy

It kills me that most of the projects I've been working on for Christmas can't be shared here until after the holidays because I don't want to spoil anyone's surprise. I don't know which of my friends might be reading my blog so I don't want to risk anyone getting a sneak peek at a present until the big day. I'll keep this post sufficiently vague and free of pictures from my actual project.

This is a bargain project with cute, customizable results. One of my favorite bloggers, Sew Woodsy, first made some skeleton magnets for Halloween that caught my eye. I added it to my to-do list and then, of course, promptly forgot about it. The concept is so simple and the supplies are cheap. Hit your local dollar store and buy a bag of round glass stones, the type used to anchor and decorate floral arrangements. You'll need a little Mod Podge and some hot glue plus a package of round magnets, easily found at a craft store. Either cut some pictures out from a magazine or catalog, print photos of your favorite celebrity crushes, or get creative and use wrapping paper or scrapbook paper to make fun magnets like these:

Photo from Sew Woodsy. No, I'm not trying to imply that Santa is her celebrity crush but you never know!

Follow Sew Woodsy's simple instructions to Mod Podge the paper to the back of your glass stone, trim, glue down the edges, and hot glue a magnet to the back of each. I've made two sets so far and plan to package them in decorated Altoid tins as stocking stuffers for friends. One set was made completely from pictures cut out of a clothing catalog, mostly closeups of their pretty floral fabrics. Another simple, satisfying project that can be done in a hurry, perfect for this time of year when we've all got a lot on our plates.


Baye said...

I had forgotten about these! I seen them but never got around to trying it out. I shall have to give this a go. Thanks for the reminder.

Baye said...

I had forgotten about these. I've seen some before but never got around to trying it myself. I shall have to give this a try. The santas are so cute!

Baye said...

Oops--sorry about that. The first time I posted I got an error message, so I posted again. Now I'm up to three--sorry, sorry, sorry.

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Bella said...

Awesome girl, I saw the skeletons too, but never realized just how easy it is to make them, thanks for sharing, and yeah totally great fast, and super cute stocking stuffer.

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Bella :)