Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 269]

"Honestly, if you're given the choice between Armageddon or tea, you don't say 'what kind of tea?'"
-Neil Gaiman

This is my grandmother's old Sammeltasse (ornate tea cup and saucer). I'm sure it's seen many a Kaffeeklatsch in its day and accompanied some kick-ass cake. Oma was quite a baker in her prime, after all. See? I do own nice, normal things.

This week's theme is "vintage." As usual, I've been ignoring it until the middle of the week.


Baye said...

I had no doubt that you had normal things. And, I think the rest of us are in awe of your fun collections.

This is an exquisite example of the normal! That is one ornate handle. Love the black and white and the different fabrics. You definitely got the vintage look with every single piece used.