Friday, May 13, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 257]

Amazing how things seem to even out in life. To make up for the other night's photography debacle I got a shot like this in just three tries. Almost exactly as I envisioned it and the best part is there was little set up required and, even more importantly, little to put back after the photo shoot. I'm doubly glad this photo shoot didn't take long because it meant I could stop flashing the neighbors after just a few minutes, which I'm sure we're both grateful for.

It seems that every time I do a search for Cindy Sherman's photos I discover something new to inspire me. I loved this shot of hers as soon as I saw it and was pleased to realize we had almost the exact right set up in our house to recreate it.

Can you tell I'm loving this week's artist challenge?

3 comments: said...

Hey girl, that is an AWESOME picture. Almost exactly like the inspiration. Greta idea, looking at other photos for inspiration, I bet even I could do that. COming up with a pose, is the hardest part for me.

You look HOT, and I love your shades, he he.

Have a wonderful day girl.

Also if you get a chance, hope you can come over to see how I make the EASIEST chicken curry ever, using rotisserie chicken, and enter to win your own MAGIC Chicken Curry Mix.

Hugs, Bella :)

the cape on the corner said...

great idea to recreate that shot, it's pretty spot on. can i tell you-i thought you were sporting a half sleeve tattoo, but it's just the reflection of the glass on your arm. see the swirlies? right? or is it? i was like "girl's even more bad ass than i thought."

Mim Smith Faro said...

Love this one! I really like Cindy's original too. She seems like she is an interesting soul :)