Sunday, May 22, 2011

Do You Pinterest?

I'm sure many of you hip to the blogging world have already heard of Pinterest, a website where you pin things you find interesting from anywhere on the internet. Hence the name. Anyway, I signed up months ago and never did anything more with it than selfishly use it to keep track of a few photography ideas and recipes. It wasn't until I found myself with some free time last week that I really dove in and started to experience all the site has to offer. Now I'm absolutely addicted! I've whiled away hours browsing others' pins and have added over 200 new pins in the past four days. Madness! It's a site chock full of beauty, style, and inspiration. I'm even using it as an outlet to plan that dream wedding I never got to have because I was too frugal and practical when my actual wedding rolled around to splurge on anything nice like a dress, flowers, or a cake. Since I find myself regretting that so much (although not regretting that we were able to afford to buy a house a month after our court house wedding) it's been fun to pin pictures of pretty dresses and centerpieces even if I'll never get a chance to use those ideas.

You do have to request an invite and wait for approval if you want to set up an account but I have yet to hear of anyone being denied one. I guess that's just a way to make us all feel more special for being granted the privilege of using the site.

If you already have an account please look me up. I haven't done much in the way of following new people yet so I'd be happy to follow you. You can also browse my pins even without logging in if you want to get a better idea of how my crazy mind works. :) I've found it's a great way to organize my enthusiasm for the beautiful things and places in life. What German doesn't like a little organization?


Baye said...

I do understand about the wedding thing. I, too, chose to have a micro-wedding. I have some minor regrets, too. It was still a beautiful day, though, and without any of the stresses of long-term planning and expense. Like you, we were able to buy a home within the first year. If I had it to do over, I'd do the same thing again.

I'm gonna check out Pinterest. Thanks for the info.

Mel J said...

Wow! Enjoyed browsing through your pins. I will have to refrain from joining as I already waste far too much time online and I totally would get addicted to this.
Loving the wants not needs page with the penquin paper clips and floppy disc pillow being my favs!

Mim Smith Faro said...

You could always have a renewal of vows at 5 years.

I regret that my mother controlled most of my wedding decisions- from the date to the cake to the flowers. I did pick out my dress, but it wasn't my dream dress because I wanted a wedding in a totally opposite season from when I did marry.

I love looking at wedding magazines and sites though. Sigh.

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

I just signed up yesterday...uh can spend hours on this thing? I better not open it then (I haven't used it yet), haha!

Catch A Falling Star said...

Oh! I totally know what you mean!
I have been with Pinterest for a few weeks now and when I get on it, I am on it for like hours!!
Can you say ADDICTIVE!

Through My Looking Glass said...

I just joined and I'm already addicted. I'm going to look you up! I'm in there as christybuonomo.