Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 259]

Where shall I go next?

Sneaking in with an entry for the travel theme on the very last day. It's a pity this great theme, which is perfect for me since I live to travel, coincided with the Cindy Sherman artist challenge I was so inspired by. It's also a pity that it seems to take me until at least Wednesday to think up good ideas for any given theme so I lose out on those early days. Maybe I'll revisit this theme on my own the next time I'm out of ideas.

An amusing note about my globe: I "inherited" this from my grandmother when she moved across the country to California and it is a genuine antique. Why, when was the last time anyone referred to "French Sudan" or "Belgian Congo"? But there they are on my globe. :)


Baye said...

You nailed both theme and the artistic intent of the challenge. Very nice. Love the soft contrast in light and dark.