Friday, May 20, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 264]

This is how we cut fruit around my house. Perfectly normal, right?

Excuse the hideous wallpaper in the background. It came with the house.


Bree said...

Every time I think I've seen the oddest "prop" from your house, you go & prove me wrong. :)

Baye said...

I'm with Bree on this one. You DO have quite a collection to play with! That looks like an arm in his hand. It's seriously creeping me out. Good play between the fresh innocence of fruit and cutting board, um, that other stuff...

I've been slowly removing our '70s wall paper since moving in here in '96. Every freaking room had it. What a job! Hopefully, you will not have that nasty thick paste clinging to the walls after the paper is removed. My vinyl-ish paper comes off rather easily except where it takes the top of the wallboard with it. The paste, however, requires wetting, waiting, scrapping, and wiping with a rag a few feet at a time. It's worth it in the end though!