Friday, August 5, 2011

A Photo A Day [Days 339 & 340]

Well then. This photo sure didn't turn out at all like I'd wanted.

Here I am reading "The Woman in White." It's a Victorian mystery/thriller with part of the suspense coming from the mysterious woman in white. Who is she? Where has she gone? Will we ever see her again? Why, she could be hiding right behind you at this very moment!

This week's theme is TV shows, which I'd be having a ball with if my schedule allowed it. I watch a lot of TV so it's the perfect theme but I just haven't had the time to brainstorm and put together appropriate shots.

This is a tribute to Black Books, one of my favorite TV shows. It takes place not only in London but in a book store. Two of my favorite places in one package! It may sound like the set up for a boring series but the charm is in the lunacy of the characters and the fantastic main actors: Dylan Moran, Bill Bailey, and Tamsin Greig.

To give you a little taste, this description was taken from Wikipedia about Dylan Moran's character, Bernard:
"A central theme is Bernard's odd position as a belligerent and openly hostile shopkeeper who has a loathing of the outside world and all the people who inhabit it."

I like to think that's exactly what I would be like if I didn't have the horrid flaw of caring about other people's feelings now and then.

Yesterday I was in the right frame of mind for this shot after having to deal with several difficult customers on the phone. That plus a massive headache were sure to help me nail the appropriate expression. Although I didn't quite manage to fully evoke the soul-wrenching despair that comes with having to work in customer service I feel like I've done some justice to poor downtrodden Bernard. Ignore the fact that it looks like I also have a black eye. I have no idea why it looks like that but trust me that my day wasn't *that* bad.


Baye said...

So what was it about the first one that didn't turn out as you wanted? I need to know cuz I learning a few new things here to help with my own photos!

As for the second, you have my pity for working in customer service. I lasted about three months working in a women's clothing store. While 90% of the people were fine, that last 10% could be outrageously obnoxious at times. Yeah, you still look too cheerful for someone who does customer service all day;-}

Anonymous said...

The second picture looks more like you had already emptied one of the wine bottles. You are so funny! Customer service is stressful, I know.