Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 345]

"It's best to kill the ones that matter, render blind the ones who see."
-Counting Crows

This shot was clearly inspired by a bizarre book I just finished reading, Infected by Scott Sigler. It's full of jaw-dropping gory scenes of a man doing his darnedest to remove the infected bits of his body, cutting them out of himself one piece at a time. Those scenes tended to coincide with my lunch break when I would try to squeeze in a few extra pages every day. So while chowing down on a nice turkey sandwich I'd get to read about the man hacking away at his oozing pustules, complete with blood and vomit spewing in all directions. Anyway, I had this idea as soon as I saw the theme and even though, once again, my finished product isn't exactly as I'd envisioned I think I've captured the spirit of my idea.

Theme: Eyes


Catch A Falling Star said...

That is just so gross...I love it!!
Awesome job on that!