Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 365]

Goodbye and hello, as always

Do you see that number there? The big 3-6-5? That means I am finally done! I did it!

I know I'm hardly the first person to successfully finish a 365 project but I thought I'd take this opportunity to distill some of my thoughts on the venture. I missed every milestone along the way, mostly because I was busy focusing on the idea for my next photo rather than the numbers, but this is one milestone I can't help but notice.

It's amazing to see how far I've come from my first crappy photos, even if I can compare myself to some of the talent out there and see that I still have much to improve. That said, it's the days (and sometimes months) when I was feeling down or life was hectic and my shots often suffered as a result that I'm the proudest of. I got through an entire year of ups and downs and managed to stick to this promise to myself. As I look forward to celebrating my 30th birthday in a few weeks it's one of the accomplishments I can carry with me into the next decade. Although at my age I probably shouldn't be carrying anything heavy lest I slip and break a hip. :)

While I can't say I ever doubted that I would finish out the year I was hoping for a much more triumphant conclusion. As it is, I find myself limping and dragging myself over the finish line, grateful for it to finally be over. I knew my obsessive German personality wouldn't let me allow myself the luxury of quitting, even at the toughest times, but the enthusiasm and creative drive that carried me through many months seems to have petered out. I still love my camera, love the process of coming up with ideas and coming up with a shot to match, and I wouldn't give up photography for the world. However, the days when it's a struggle to carve out the time to take a decent photo are becoming more and more frequent. It feels too much like an obligation, a chore to add to the vacuuming and laundry that awaits me at the end of each day. For that reason, I'll be happy to step back from my project and loosen the rules for myself in the year(s?) to come.

For one, and this is the part that makes me happiest, it will no longer be about quantity over quality. If I can't think of a good idea for a shot or if none of my shots pan out I won't feel compelled to post yet another blurry picture of my cats to fill the gap. I can already hear your sigh of relief. I know I still have a long way to go skill-wise but at least I'll have the luxury of waiting another day until the lighting's right or inspiration strikes.

I want to be sure to thank all of you who went on this journey with me. Let's face it; without your awesome, supportive comments I might have wound up hating this project but thanks to you it's been rewarding and wonderful. Your comments have meant a lot to me so thank you for each and every one!

Hope to see you all soon with photo #366. Now then, where's my celebratory cake?


Anonymous said...

Congrats! That was a huge undertaking. I love today's pic! Great shot to finish the year out.

Mim Smith Faro said...

Good for you! I've started twice and never made it more than a month. Now go and bake yourself a delicious cake -and share the photo and recipe with us!

Baye said...

Congrats on reaching your goal!!

Great shot, too. Help me out here. So is that you twice?? Do you do something with Photoshop to get that?? I really need to start taking some classes, don't I.

I'll put a picture of the cake on my blog and tell you how it tasted, okay? (The downside of blogging--for you anyway;-})