Friday, August 19, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 354]

Here you get two challenges for the price of one! Not only am I doing another copycat photo but I'm also doing my first abstract shot. I think. I'm still a little unclear about what constitutes an abstract image. I hope this qualifies. Since so many others at 365 Project have been devoting the month of August to abstract shots I figured it was high time I gave it a go.

The inspiration for this photo came from this shot of a piece of licorice candy, of all things:

Photo by Marinda

1 comments: said...

That is your dryer ball right? I have those too he he.

Oh and your inspiration pic does NOT look anything like licorice, weird :)

So are you DONE with your photo challenge now. WOW, can't believe you did it for a whole year, that is AWESOME.... :)

Hope you are doing well girl, and I FINALLY started getting some entires for my giveaway after all. Looks like a lot, but it's really only a handful of mamas, getting EVERY SINGLE entry possible, lol. Oh well, I was seriously scared nobody would enter.

I had another GOOD friend, back out of the giveaway, after her feed was getting overtaken by all the new sponsors. So I don't blame you AT ALL. I don't like to LIKE businesses or blogs from my personal facebook. I try to keep that strictly as my personal.

Ok, so enough about all that, just wanted to say I totally heart you for being so honest, and you know I totally love ya girl. :)

Hugs, Bella :)