Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Am The Cupcake Hero!

Yes, I know I already blogged about my win and I swear this is not evidence of an inflated ego. It's just that a friend got creative and took my small victory a little too seriously and has cleverly created my superhero persona:

At my request, he even came up with a catchy theme song in a matter of minutes. The boy's got talent, let me tell ya!

Sing this to the tune of the original Spider Man cartoon theme song:

Cupcake gal, cupcake gal,
She's so cool and is my pal
Bakes a cake, any size,
Bakes cupcakes and sometimes pies
Look Out!
...Here comes the Cupcake gal.

Can she bake?
Listen bud,
She's got German in her blood.
Can she start a baking thread?
Take a look overhead
Hey, there
There goes the Cupcake gal.

In the chill of night
When you're hungry for pie
Like a streak of light
She arrives just in time.

Cupcake gal, cupcake gal
Friendly neighborhood Cupcake gal
Wealth and fame
She's ignored
Yummy cupcakes are her reward.

To her, life is a great big bake off
Cupcakes are her payoff
She is the Cupcake gal!

Mucho thanks to Mr. Chucky for seeing fit to use his genius to plump up my ego and help me celebrate my win. If any of you wish to commission his services you can contact me as his authorized agent.


The Answer Is Chocolate said...

All hail the Cupcake Hero!!! Congrats.

the cape on the corner said...

lol, yay. i think i may need some sort of theme music, too.

Jami said...

LOL Congratulations!