Thursday, November 4, 2010

Catching Up On A Photo A Day

I may eventually switch to uploading my pictures just once a week as it takes a lot of my free time to photograph, edit, and then blog each and every day. Plus I worry that some of my followers aren't that interested in the photography aspect of my blog so I don't want to bore you all with daily photo posts. We'll see. I'm still toying around with various ideas. I'm still dutifully taking my daily photographs so have no fear that I've failed in my endeavor.

This week's theme is "purple." I chose to ignore that on Monday since none of the photos I took were especially inspiring. Instead I spent the time editing one of my pics from my trip back home a few weeks ago and am counting that instead.

A Photo A Day [Day 64]

Found some purple flowers still clinging to life in my front garden:

A Photo A Day [Day 65]

A Photo A Day [Day 66]

Today's photo is of a birthday present from my bosses that I just now got around to assembling. This is unsettling evidence that they know me too well despite my best efforts to not reveal personal information that can be used against me. Either that or they think my house smells so bad I need any reed diffuser I can get to combat the stench. Ignore my battered and scorched nightstand surface. One of these days I'll get around to refinishing it.

A Photo A Day [Day 67]


Baye said...

Love your pics. They are inspiring. Makes me want to go get the camera out.

Jami said...

I really love that first one! :)