Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Photo A Day [Days 199-202]

I'm back safe and sound from my trip home to Virginia. I was so pleased to see their spring flowers in full bloom. Took a few shots around my mom's garden.

Found a group of folks meditating on the Downtown Mall amidst the usual hubbub and crowds so I slyly snapped a few shots. I probably didn't need to bother trying to be sneaky since I think their eyes may have been closed but it was good practice for street photography.

Went out to a fancy pants four-course dinner on Friday night with the family and finally got a photo for this week's theme (bubbles).

I had such a hard time choosing which portrait of my best friend, Esi, to choose. She's so beautiful and expressive that she looked fantastic in every photo I took. I miss her already!


Bree said...

Glad you're back safe & I hope you had a good trip!

All great photos, I especially like the yellow shirt in the second picture.

Anonymous said...

Love that spot of yellow in the meditation photo. I have trouble meditating in an empty house!

Esi looks as though she has quite a bubbly personality. I think her photo kinda qualifies for the week's theme, too.