Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Photo A Day [Days 183 & 184]

I've been on such a winning streak lately! Just last week I won a pound of fudge from Jewel of the Lion's Etsy shop.

I had such a hard time choosing just one flavor as the banana cream pie, orange creamsicle, grasshopper pie, and chocolate maple bacon were all equally drool worthy. I wisely chose the most indulgent-looking one in the shop: chocolate covered cherry cheesecake fudge with Oreo cookie crust. It is as divine as the name would indicate. I can't rave about it enough! I do a lot of baking myself but would consider buying more of her delicious fudge as gifts. It's that good. It seems Frankenstein agrees as he's trying to steal a piece.

This week's theme, which I ignored yesterday, is "bling." I wasn't too thrilled about it since I don't own a lot of jewelry and the one time I tried to photograph some it was hard to get the focus and lighting right. I couldn't think of any interesting ideas for my sad little jewelry collection and had given up on the theme entirely when inspiration struck.

I wasn't able to get enough sparkle in the original photo so I cheated a bit and used this tutorial to add a little extra to Davy Jones' skeletal bling.


Anonymous said...

I trying desperately to comment without going to that Etsy shop! The last thing I need is a dessert looking that good. Well, I might just have to LOOK.

Any way, I'm loving Frankenstein grabbing for the goody and the fact that Davy looks as though he is charging into the house.

Okay, I'm just going to LOOK at Jewel of the Lion.

Bree said...

That fudge looks delicious! I thought maybe you were going to say you went with the chocolate maple bacon, which is quite a combination.

Talking about "bling" always cracks me up because that's what we call our dog's collar. Not sure why, but a while ago we started calling it her bling, and it totally stuck.