Friday, April 29, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 243]

I lost a follower today. :( I can only assume it's due to the overabundance of photography posts without much else to keep y'all entertained. I'm still recovering from last week's cold and haven't had the energy to do much but lie around in bed in the evenings, so baking and sewing are right out. I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things soon. I get that my photography project isn't everyone's cup of tea but I'll forge ahead and keep posting what I've got. I hope the rest of you stick around.

The artist chosen for this week's artist challenge is Roy Lichtenstein. Don't worry; I'll wait while you look him up. Like me, you've probably seen his pop art but never knew the artist's name. I had fun doing a little research and learning more about him. I figured if I was going to be doing a cartoon-esque piece I might as well pose as one of my favorite comic book characters: Death from The Sandman series.

Unfortunately, the editing process didn't go exactly as planned. I think if I hadn't had a different look in mind I'd be more pleased with the end result, but as it is I'm happy enough. I hope to try again this week, probably with a lighter-colored picture as the dots seem to get washed out or overpowered by the darkness and shadows.


Anonymous said...

It's always a bummer to lose people. I've lost 5 followers this month. I assume it is from my lack of posting the last couple of months which was also due to illness. I briefly thought about forcing myself to do some project posts but then I remembered that I started blogging to make myself happy so I'm not going to make myself post when I don't feel up to it.

Even though I don't comment on every single one, I have enjoyed your photography posts. I really like how this one turned out. I think some pop art would look really fun in our house so I may have to try making some too!

Just take care of yourself. I look forward to seeing your crafts and recipes when you feel up to it. :)

Mim Smith Faro said...

Do you know that Sandman is the reason why I LOVE Neil (with all my heart and soul!)??? I actually have a Death poster signed by Neil. Hub and I stood for hours in line to get it signed by the man himself. I also have a Death statue and a watch -though at this time I am ashamed to say I do not know the location of said watch!

We own the whole original Sandman series in individual comics. A few years ago (before the advent of eBay) it was worth a lot of money. Now? Not so much. It's too easy for people to buy things.

I like your take on Death and look forward to seeing more Lichtenstein inspired photography. BTW- I did know who he was :)

Baye said...

Well, it turned out that while I have you on rss, I was not a follower. So, you gained a follower today. Feel better? I have no idea how to make a picture appear on that, though. My attempts to put one up continually time out.

Personally I just like having my faves come up on my google page. I'm not sure what to do with the follower thing. I guess it is a way of knowing that people are interested cuz I don't think there is a way to know who rss's.

I love the new photo and know the artist (Yay, me!). I can understand the effect you were going for, but this looks great, too.

Bree said...

Boo. It does suck to lose a follower (wow, how crazy cult-like does that sound), but remember that those of us who remain are loyal & like everything you do share. I know I don't always comment on the pictures, because I usually like every single one & it feels weird to say that every time. But even when you haven't been baking or sewing, yours is always one of the first blogs I check every day.