Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 219]

I know some folks aren't fans of HDR photography that looks too artificial or is too obviously HDR. I, however, am not as picky so I'm quite pleased with how this turned out. It helps that I had such a pretty model to work with.

Have I mentioned how much I love my little car? I like to pretend I'm in The Italian Job when I find myself in traffic next to another Mini. *vroom vroom*

Less impressive outtake:


Baye said...

I just wrote this nice, long comment. Then I hit the wrong button and lost it--I do hate when I do that. Anyway, I googled HDR photography. I had no idea what that meant! I don't care how someone gets a great pic! These have such incredible contrast and color. Those clouds are awesome.

I also have to agree about the model--love those Mini-Coopers.

Bree said...

These are both stunning! They look like they would be perfect photos for a magazine ad.

Looks like you've got a hang of the HDR stuff.

Vic said...

so cool:) love it! i actually took a photo of a mini but it def. didn't compare to your beauty!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

I love how these photos look- I like the creative and artistic quality to using special features to manipulate photos-

Mim Smith Faro said...

WOW! You know I'b a bit jealous of your mini-cooper ownership and this just ramps it up ;) Both are great shots!