Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Photo A Day [Days 240-242]

Whoa. Hadn't realized I was so behind on posting my pictures. Oops. Time to play catch up.

I never mentioned that my husband and I only recently discovered a great walking area just minutes from our house. All this time I've been roaming the rundown streets of my neighborhood when I want to get some outdoor exercise while I could have been enjoying trees and greenery and a view of the river. Silly me. This was taken while on one of our walks:

While not the best picture this next one serves two purposes: to let you admire my new haircut and to let me tell you how excited I am to have booked a trip to Orlando in the fall to go to the Harry Potter theme park! Hence my kissing my Snape action figure. I can't begin to tell you how happy this upcoming trip makes me. Yes, deep down underneath my morbid self is a silly little girl who loves stories about wizards and magical castles. I'll be going with my best friend, who's even more of a fan than I, so I know we'll have a blast. Plus she's so much fun to hang out with anyway and brings out my wild side. What little there is to speak of, of course.

Another shot from the walking area. This was actually taken a few days ago but I've taken my time figuring out how to get the editing just right.


Baye said...

Hair is awesome! Pics are awesome! You seem to be into blues lately.

I am so jealous about the Harry Potter thing. I just finished yet another Harry book and movie marathon in anticipation of the July movie release. My kids supported my mania by getting me all the movies for Christmas. I shamed my husband into getting the newest one on the day it was released on dvd. Now I have to work on convincing him that we can and SHOULD go to Orlando to see what they've done with Harry there. I hear that the butterbeer is great.

Mim Smith Faro said...

We're going to Universal Orlando this summer! I didn't realize it when we booked the trip but we'll be there when the last installment is released! I'm sure it will be a mad house! Have you seen the new trailer?

Helen said...

I love these pictures I think you don't give yourself enough credit! Did you satisfy the anglofile in you and watch the wedding yet? I haven't but hopefully it all got on my DVR ok. Thanks for participating in the giveaway I'm having over at Susieqtpies. Nice to meet you :)

Bree said...

The blue in the sky of the first picture is just gorgeous. It kind of reminds me of the grassy field where we had some of our engagement pictures taken.

I'm jealous you're getting to go to Universal to the Harry Potter park. My family went there without my last summer & I was pretty bummed I missed out. I hope you enjoy it!