Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 228]

Can I sue my neighbor's tree for littering?

I know I said Photoshop was dead to me after my last disastrous attempt at following a tutorial, but I quickly forgot that and got to processing today's photo in an effort to make it more interesting. Of course, the tutorial I was following was for something completely different but this is what I wound up with mid-way through the process. I decided I liked it and kept it as today's photo. Another entry for this week's theme: in the garden.


Bree said...

That tree is gorgeous, but the mess is exactly why hubby wouldn't let me get a flowering tree a few years ago. They're too "trashy" according to him. I guess I have to agree to an extent, but they are beautiful while they're in bloom. I'm glad I tricked him into getting a flowering tree anyways, even if it is just a redbud, so only teeny-tiny flowers.

Kelly said...

Just lovely! I wish we had a flowering tree in our yard! We have a pear tree, but I love the pink and purple petals - so springy!