Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 220]

"All of the sudden she disappears
Just yesterday she was here
Somebody tell me if I am sleeping"
- Counting Crows

Inspired by the rather insipid movie, Insidious, which I saw over the weekend. There was a scene with an out-of-body experience that made me want to try to capture that same feel myself. Since I don't believe in that sort of mumbo jumbo in real life this has instead become something more, something about feeling separated from yourself and leaving parts of yourself behind.


Jami said...

Well done!

Vic said...

wow! very interesting...good job!

Mim Smith Faro said...

Cool! So Insidious wasn't worth it? I hate when I want to see something and then it turns out to be a no-go. Lately, I was looking forward to Sucker Punch, Insidious, and Your Highness. But negative reviews have caused me to stay away.

I did take Luke to see Hop and it was cute. So if you know of anyone with kids looking for a cute movie, Hop will fit the bill.