Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Made by Rae Buttercup Bag

My first proper post should rightly be about the very blog that got me back into sewing and initiated me into the blogging community of sewers in the first place. Some time last year I stumbled across this easy but stylish purse pattern for the Buttercup Bag from Made By Rae. She makes it look so simple! In typical Lina fashion, I did some online research and was so inspired by the beautiful versions everyone had come up with that I figured I too could give it a try. After a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics and a search for just the right coordinating fabric at J & O Fabrics I whipped up two of them in no time.

Clearly the work of a beginner as I was reviving my long lost sewing skills that reached their acme over ten years ago when I used to sew scrunchies for my friends as a teen, but I was thrilled to discover how easy it was to make something so useful and customized to my tastes. It was a great way to ease me back into the world of sewing. This started me down the dangerous path of searching for more and more purse patterns so I could make bags in exactly the size, style, and color of my choice.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this pattern not only because it's free (music to my frugal little ears) but also because it's hard to mess up yet results in an elegant-looking bag. Albeit one that's a bit small for my needs. I've since experimented with enlarging the pattern on a copier 125% and reinforcing the entire thing with interfacing, which does result in a more professional-looking purse that makes for a perfect gift, just like the ones pictured below. If you're on the fence about trying this pattern I say go for it!

Be sure to check out the extensive Flickr group for inspiration and to see all of the creative variations everyone's come up with. Cheers!