Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Folklore Bag From One Yard Wonders

Yet another discovery I can thank the blogging community for. After seeing enough glowing reviews of and wonderful results from One Yard Wonders I finally got it through to my tiny little brain that it must be a fantastic sewing resource. After a quick cost-benefit analysis I could tell I'd get my money's worth. It helps that they somehow kept the price so low while compiling 101 creative projects in an attractive and well-bound book.

While many of the projects caught my eye, I was most comfortable sewing bags so I skipped straight to that section of the book. The Folklore Bag is now one of my favorite bags to make. It looks more complicated than it actually is to sew and results in the perfect-sized bag for ferrying around the necessities with enough room left for a book (which I consider to be a necessity as well). I've made them as gifts, made them for myself, and plan to make many more.

Birthday present for my mom

A few tips on making the Folklore Bag:
  • Be sure to check the publisher's website for errata before attempting any of the book's projects.

  • Interfacing the straps makes the bag feel sturdier and more professional. For additional stability you might want to try interfacing the lining as well.

  • The interior pocket's a little dinky. Try playing with the dimensions, make it longer for two pockets, or, if you're feeling extra brave, make it into a zippered pocket.

  • I've had success making this bag with any type of fabric. Just remember that interfacing is your friend when using quilting and other lightweight fabric. I even made one (the bat bag pictured above) using a re-purposed t-shirt so I used a stiffer broadcloth as the lining to compensate.

  • Get creative and use a contrasting/coordinating fabric for the lining and/or the upper band. Embellish yours with decorative trim, buttons, or flowers. The pattern's so clean and simple that anything goes!