Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Modern Bird Studios Giveaway at Grosgrain

Check out the latest giveaway I'm shilling:
Modern Bird Studios Guest Giveaway

Modern Bird Studios is a modern art company that takes photographs and creates paintings from them. Nifty, eh?

Oh, the things I could do with my very own painting made from any photograph I choose! Should I pick a photograph of Tony Blair looking especially fetching? A London landmark, perhaps? Or get a life-size painting of Professor Snape so I can cuddle with it every night? Decisions, decisions.


Unknown said...

i am DYING over that Abe piece. Ive had an odd fascination with him for ages!

Lina Thomlinson said...

Yeah, that one struck me for some reason and I'm not even a member of the Abe Lincoln fan club like you. :) Have you heard of the book "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"? You might like it even though the premise is a little out there. I don't know much about his history beyond what we learned in high school but it seems that the author cleverly tried to explain away some of his real life behavior and actions as part of a secret war against the vampires. Pretty funny in parts!