Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Giveaway I Must Win!

You may have noticed a certain British theme to the design of my blog and you may have noticed that it has nothing to do with the baking and sewing posts that I keep uploading. However, I can't bear to change it because I am insanely enamored with all things British. So much so that we have a British-themed bathroom complete with a Union Jack toilet seat. That may border on blasphemy but I'm so obsessed that I don't care.

I have adored the "Keep Calm and Carry On" placards for years, even before they started cropping up everywhere online. I've seen some fantastic ones made using a Cricut, which I was tempted to buy for that specific purpose but couldn't justify the expense. I even found some versions for sale at TJ Maxx last weekend but the quality was a little iffy and some were already damaged, so I passed. Then I spotted the giveaway at Little Miss Momma, a lovely blog in its own right but even better when she's giving something away. Just look what's up for grabs:

I must win this one! I'm on a streak this week (two online contest wins so far) so I'm hoping to keep that luck going!