Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vote For Me (Pretty Please!)

If you read my last post you'd know that I entered an online tea-themed cupcake contest. Well, now we're at the voting portion of the competition so I am pathetically asking everyone I know to please go and vote for me. Although if you take one look at my entry and want to puke feel free to vote for someone else instead.

To vote click the link below, look through the entries, and vote in the poll on the right sidebar. Mine are the "Sweet Coconut Tea Cupcakes With Caramel Filling and Ginger Cream Cheese Frosting."

You actually get two votes but are not allowed to vote for the same cupcake twice. And please don't try to vote multiple times because the owner of the site apparently has special magical powers that will allow her to see through your ploy and my cupcake could wind up being eliminated. Voting ends July 26 so head on over soon! Thanks!


Melissa said...

Voted! They sound yummy.

Sourkraut said...

Thank you! I'm currently in the lead thanks to lots of great online friends.