Monday, July 26, 2010

Jewelry Roll From One Yard Wonders

What to make for a stylish teenager who grew up in LA and is now living it up in Austin, Texas? One Yard Wonders to the rescue with another easy pattern! I'd already made her a purse last year so I wanted to try something different for her birthday this year. I figured, what teenage girl doesn't like to take some jewelry with her when she travels? Might as well do it in style. And since I've heard from her father that she's nothing short of a perfect angel I decided to use this funky "Urban Angel" fabric I bought a few months back. It's trendy, glittery, and best of all features pink, her favorite color.

The pattern's easy to follow with clear instructions, the size of the finished roll is perfect for travel, and it has two handy zippered compartments and a ribbon across the middle for tying up rings. It doesn't even come close to using up a full yard of fabric. As you can see, I'm still working on my zipper sewing skills, which would probably be improved if I either found where the cats hid my zipper foot or bought a new one. Still, this is a hard pattern to mess up and a quick one to work through. I plan to make more of these because I think they make perfect presents.

My only suggestions are cost saving ones:
  • Use a plain fabric for the inside of the pockets and the one body piece that will only be seen when the zippers are open. I've seen someone else do this and I think the contrast actually looks nice in addition to saving you more of your main fabric.

  • I didn't do this myself, but next time I'll skip interfacing the inner pocket pieces. It felt a little bulky with both pocket pieces and both body pieces interfaced and none of my jewelry is fragile enough to need that much padding.

Thanks for another winner, One Yard Wonders!


mle said...

This is a cute idea... I've got some nieces heading off to college who might appreciate this!
Love your background & your blog description - made me smile : ) *isn't that what we're all trying to do?*
& your recovered chairs look fab!!

EverSewSweet said...

I made the exact same observarion about the itnerfacing... =) I, too, love your blog description!

Claire said...

I really like the fabric
I was thinking about making one for each sister & sister-in-law for Christmas...better get started since i have 5.

and thanks for the tips for those of us who haven't made one yet...I'll keep them in mind when I get around to making mine!


Andrea said...

That's great. I need to make one of those for my mom!

Sourkraut said...

Thanks, everyone! It really makes for a perfect gift. What girl doesn't need something like this?

Margie said...

super cute! I'm thinking about making these for my sister in law and I.

Kaysi said...

That is awesome!

Carolina said...

My mom was searching everywhere for jewelry rolls to give as gifts a couple years ago... wish we would have known about this pattern! Yours is super cute!

I hope you'll stop by ExpectMoore and link this project up to the Pocket Week Linky Party!


FineArtPainting said...

i have been looking all over the place for this tutorial!! i'd love more detail, as i'm not a star seamstess, but this is already handy to have.
i need this design for a travel toiletries bag..

as well, as you inspired me and am grateful for your post here, let me invite you, so our readers can love you too:
Every Wednesday there will be a new party, so bookmark our home page and you can come back over and over again with great ideas and tutorials, alright!?

Have a happy day!