Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Cupcake Is A Work Of Art

No, that's not evidence of an inflated ego, although I think some of my cupcakes come pretty close to being divine. What I mean is that one of my cupcake creations has literally become art, soon to be available for sale on Etsy! I was approached last week by Lisa from The Lunch Box Project where she turns delicious food into art. She's currently doing a project where she's making 16 cupcake illustrations that will eventually be compiled onto a poster. The prints will also be sold individually. Of course I was thrilled and honored that she wanted to include my Sweet Coconut Tea Cupcakes, the ones that won the Sweetest Kitchen's Mystery Box competition a few months back. After checking out Lisa's Etsy shop I was even more excited to see what she'd come up with for mine since her style is just great. Good thing she's such a prolific artist because I didn't have to wait long to see it. I now present to you my cupcake, officially a work of art:

Thanks to Lisa for this wonderful opportunity and for including me in such a fun project!


Anonymous said...

I hopped over to see Lisa's site. What a great idea. I'm thinking putting a few of these together as a set would look so nice in my kitchen. Congratulations! You really are an inspiration!