Tuesday, September 4, 2012

#WTFSEPT Photography Challenge - Day 4

Day 4 - sweat
Today's theme isn't particularly pretty. Sweat. Great. How am I going to maintain my aura of ladylike sophistication if I have to show y'all my sweat?

The other day I had a particularly ridiculous bout of vanity when I seriously considered skipping my workout because my hair looked so good. Of course, I quickly realized how silly I was being and did my usual workout as penance for those donuts I'd indulged in, giving up my perfectly straight, shiny locks for a frizzy, curly mess atop my head. Probably a wise trade-off. This is how awful my hair looks when I get done working out. Not exactly glamorous, eh? But hey, it's a sign that I worked hard and don't have to feel too guilty about all of those cupcakes I eat.


Baye said...

Know just how you feel about the hair. My guilt usually wins, too.

Sweat photos? Who thinks of these things? When my hubster gets home from bicycling, he gets a wave across the room and pointed to the direction of the shower. I barely tolerate my own sweat! Let's hope they don't ask for any other body...fluids;-O

Anonymous said...

Sweat? I don't sweat! I just glow and glisten... :)