Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 177]

So while this is not quite what I or the creator of the theme had in mind it's close enough to my grand vision. Hope no one's too traumatized.

And yes, this is the tamed down version.

Theme: Over exposed


the cape on the corner said...

you are fricking hysterical. is it wierd that i think your haircut looks great in that photo, lol?

Anonymous said...

I'll make a prediction: the number of your followers will be going up, and many of them will be male;-}

Love this! I agree with "the cape in the corner." Your hair looks great, too, although I don't know how either of us caught that.

Bree said...

This cracked me up. Maybe not the reaction you were going for...

I'll agree with the other two, your hair does look great!