Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Photo A Day [Day 188]

I wasn't so sure about posting this one online for the world to see but since none of my other ideas panned out today I'm going for it. It's a little bold for me but I'm getting more and more used to being an obliging model and not worrying about how I look.

Obviously I don't own much in the way of bling so you're seeing a repeat again today.

Theme: Bling


Bella said...

Holy crap girl, is that your real hair? DId you color it black lately? You look fabulous, I MEAN FABULOUS!!!!! Who is taking these pics of you girl? I would LOVE to have a photo shoot like that, I love this pic a lot. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Keep up the good work girl, I love seeing these kinds of pics of you, I wish I was so brave, and photogenic!!!


Bella :)

Baye said...

If I looked that good, I'd be posting my pics all over. The black beads are perfect for this and that gorgeous black shiny hair is blingy in and of itself.

Catch A Falling Star said...

I agree with the 2 comments above. This is a AMAZING picture of you!!
Absolutely stunning is quite the word!

Bree said...

I agree, this is another fantastic picture. I noticed your hair looks a LOT darker than other pictures as well. You're doing a great job with these self-portraits!