Sunday, March 25, 2012

52 Week Photo Project [Weeks 10-12]

I've been lax in posting lately. My apologies! Between my dad's visit last week and the lovely warm weather we've been having I've been spending less time on my computer and more time out and about. I'm three weeks behind in posting my photographs, which is just as well since I only got around to taking last week's photo today. Oops!

Week 10 Theme: Monochrome

Week 11 Theme: Teeny Tiny

We just so happen to call Loofy "Teeny Tiny" on account of her small size. I mean, all of our cats are unnaturally thin but she takes the cake at only seven pounds. We do feed her, I swear!

Week 12 Theme: Vintage

I know I've already taken pictures of the Ford Galaxie 500 from every imaginable angle, so instead I tried something a little different with the processing. Hope you like it.

By the way, word verification for comments is back on after another slew of spam comments. Not sure that'll cure the problem but I'll try whatever I can to keep that crap off of my blog.

52 Week Project Photo Paint the Moon Photoshop Actions PSE


Anonymous said...

How very monochromatic you've been lately! I love that tiny bit of gold on the tiny cat. We had a cat named Valentine who ended up being cakked Tiny-cat in kidese. It was also fitting since he was one of those amazing lightweights.

Anonymous said...

Cute! Great post.

Bree said...

I'd never get sick of seeing pictures of the car, so keep 'em coming.